ANDES aims at studing astronomical objects that require highly sensitive observations. It will be used to search for signs of life in Earth-like exoplanets, find the first stars born in the Universe, test for possible variations of the fundamental constants of physics, and measure the acceleration of the Universe's expansion.

The 4 main science priorities, with the related Top Level Requirements (TLR) coming from phase A studies are: 


The phase B has started officially started in September 2022 and the scientific Working Groups includes 100 members divided as follows:


The French community is represented by: 

I. Boisse (LAM) - WG1
X. Bonfils (IPAG) - WG1
A. Chiavassa (LAGRANGE) - WG1 and WG2
F. Debras (IRAP / OMP) - WG 1
P. Noterdaeme (IAP) - WG 3 and WG4
M. Turbet (LMD) - WG1