A bit after the electronics cabinets installation, the MATISSE team took profit of a better weather to bring up the two cryostats of the instrument. This step marks the end of the assembly of the instrument, and starts its integration phase (already started for the warm optics).

VLT 7640

The MATISSE electronics cabinets have been installed in the room next to the focal laboratory on December 7th.

You will find here a small animation showing the process of putting them in place with the crane.

VLT 7373 2

Due to too high wind conditions the two electronics cabinets of MATISSE are waiting on their truck :

camion preset 100 Day s

The team at Paranal is waiting for more quiet conditions to unload the cabinets from the truck and use the grove to pass the equipment through the hatch of the VLT plateform :

camion preset 100 Night s

The Paranal webcam is reachable here ...

The installation of the two electronics cabinets waiting of the VLT plateform for better wind conditions.

The transport of this week-end was planning for the installation of the two electronics cabinets, L&M and N bands, and the installation of the Helium cryo-compressor. The cryo-compressor

hs been brought down to the VLTI lab from the VLT plateform through the lift. The two electronics cabinet are still waiting on their truck, on the VLT plateform, for better wind conditions allowing the opening of the hatch and the use of the grove.

The MATISSE detector team is installing the instrument detectors, i.e. the ones that will record infrared light for the instrument.

P1010958jpg P1010959jpg P1010979 b P1010978jpg